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Explore Igea’s All-in-One Home Health Billing Software

Our home health billing software makes claims processing, billing, and collection easier than ever before. That’s not all — it’s a comprehensive agency management solution designed exclusively for home health providers.

Billing and Collecting Payments

Get Paid on Time

Igea’s home health billing software makes it easy to bill payers and collect payments. Bill both Medicare and all insurance companies within a single dashboard, and monitor claims status for better cash management.

Improve the Collection Process

Thanks to Igea’s pre-billing options, you can create draft bills and save them for later review, saving time when you’re ready to process receivables. Use Igea’s chart audit capabilities to identify all opportunities for reimbursement, investigate claim denial patterns, and make your billing more effective and efficient.

Scheduling and Time Management

Know the Status of Every Visit

Igea home health billing software gives you real-time information on patient visits, including electronic visit verification by phone or via GPS. Monitor time in and time out, and view reports to ensure patients receive punctual and comprehensive care.

Send Caregivers Where They’re Needed Most

When you need to redeploy your private-duty caregivers because of cancellations or when a patient needs specific expertise, Igea makes it possible to adjust schedules in real time. Avoid downtime by compensating for appointments that run long or employees who need time off in the middle of a shift.

Eligibility and Claims Management

Make Working With Medicare Easy

With a direct connection to FISS, you can verify eligibility, submit claims, and track claims status from desktop computers and mobile devices. Manage ERAs and ERNs, track acknowledgements and rejections, and submit invoices for RAPs and Final Claims. If Medicare has an acronym for it, we have a solution.

Track Claims With Any Insurance Company

In addition to working with Medicare, Igea’s home health billing software makes it simple to submit and track claims status with any insurer. Other healthcare software vendors say their products work for any insurance company — we mean it.

Secure and Compliant Communications

Protect Patient Health Information

Igea understands the importance of compliance with privacy regulations, and we’re dedicated to protecting the integrity of your data. Rely on our Web-based software to be up-to-date, enabling you to access the latest version at all times and feel confident with our cloud security protections.

Send Messages and Exchange Records Securely

Unlike some healthcare software vendors, Igea offers secure email and records exchange right within your home health billing software without requiring add-on purchases or modules. Send secure emails via iMail and use our MD Portal to send and receive patient records without compromising PHI.

Electronic Medical Records and Point-of-Care Updates

Maintain Accurate and Shareable EMRs

Igea’s home health billing software works from any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, iPad, or Android tablet. Record EMR information instantly over an Internet connection, and share it with authorized providers, payers, agency personnel, and caregivers.

Update Electronic Medical Records Instantly

When private-duty caregivers update patient vitals or care plans through an Internet connection, Igea’s Web-based software updates immediately. Provide access to up-to-date information for any authorized employee at any branch of your agency.

Comprehensive and Customizable Reporting

Create Customized Reports

Our software provides reporting templates as well as customizable form options for branding and personalizing reports. Acquire the analysis you need — in the format that works best for you — instead of relying solely on pre-programmed reports.

Gain Valuable Business and Patient Care Insights

Thanks to analytics capabilities you won’t get from other healthcare software vendors, Igea helps you identify patterns related to every business function. Discover correlations between business decisions and patient outcomes, compare performance between branches, and reward employees and providers who deliver the best quality of care.

Service and Support

Get Comprehensive Support for Implementation and Training

Igea is committed to helping every home health agency get maximum benefit from our home health billing software. Rely on our support throughout the deployment and records transfer process, and contact us whenever you have questions.

Contact Us Whenever You Have a Question

In addition to maintaining an online knowledge base and a series of training videos for customers, our support staff is available via phone, email, and online chat. Call us whenever you have a question, technical challenge, or concern, and expect a fast and accurate solution.

Schedule Your Demo

Igea’s software’s core functions work for all home health agencies, from those with single offices to agencies that span multiple cities and states. Start improving your agency management, boosting cash flows, and delivering the highest quality of patient care. Contact Igea to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation on-site demo today.

Agency management made easy

Whether you have one agency or 100, we address core business needs plus features that encourage growth and efficiencies. Our advanced, nimble home healthcare software allows us to constantly evolve to meet our customers’ needs, an undertaking that traditional software models can’t make. In short, Igea gives you the tools you need to easily run your home health business.

See igea in action!

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Get paid on time, every time
  • Trim operating costs by at least 30%
  • Easily run office operations reports to catch bottlenecks.
  • Monitor agency & patient status from anywhere, at any time
  • Patient tracking software for improved outcomes
  • Monitor agency & patient status from anywhere, at any time
  • Safe & Secure: HIPPA compliant, data is constantly backed up
  • Customer Support is available when your staff needs us
  • Restrict users access as much or as little as you need
  • Fully integrated OASIS management, Orders/ POC 485 Forms, Electronic Medical Records, Payroll and Billing

Visits become more efficient and easier than ever

Does your software allow you to receive handwritten electronic signatures? Create your own forms? Can your field staff easily navigate their Point of Care platform? With Igea Software, clinicians and QA work seamlessly together to quickly input patient information, verify and accurately submit.

See igea in action!

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Save time by monitoring and making corrections in real time
  • Your field staff will love our Point of Care software
  • Audits and validation checks are built in so you can focus on other priorities
  • Automatic routing of documents improves workflow
  • Easily customize and add forms, assessments and notes for all types of visits & payer sources
  • Instantly receive notes, check session status, send an iMail
  • Easy scheduling: add visits from anywhere
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) meets Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standards

Point of Care that is easy to learn, easy to use

Igea’s Point of Care makes capturing patient information simple and intuitive, transforming the way you work. Yet it is so powerful, it gives you the freedom to communicate quickly with the back office, customize your forms and collaborate with doctors, from anywhere.  Most importantly, access to the complete patient history at the time of visit gives you the knowledge and background to provide the best patient care

We strive to provide the best tools for our clinicians.  That is why we didn’t just create a modified agency management system, we designed and engineered iPOC (igea Point of Care) just for you, the clinician.  Our design gives you the flexibility to customize forms and notes to help solve the unique needs of your agency. Plus, say goodbye to scheduling conflicts, lost data and redoing forms. Igea has you covered.

See igea in action!

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Direct communication with MD’s allow you to modify orders on the fly, saving time for everyone
  • Focus on patient care, not scheduling issues or driving directions
  • No need to visit the home office, do everything from your phone or tablet
  • Get the complete patient history at your finger tips
  • Your work is saved every 60 seconds, even as you type.
  • iMail lets you catch & communicate a schedule conflict before it’s a problem
  • Real time access to all patient data, past visits & history
  • Engineered to be intuitive – catching potential errors and prompting when needed

Everything you need to manage your billing, in a way that works for you

Time-saving features and functionality required to get paid on time are paramount to the core design of Igea.  That’s why more agency billers prefer using igea software.  With robust prebilling reports and audit of charts, you can rest assured reimbursements will be on time and in full.

Managing the day to day workings of an office can be complicated.  The beauty of our complete and fully integrated system is that there is no need for patchy third party vendors; an additional cost and headache to manage.  Igea has the power plus the features and functionality to make running your business easier.

See igea in action!

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Get paid on time by catching hang-ups before they go out the door.
  • Catch physician docs before they expire.
  • Rest assured that billing is accurate and validated with prebilling reporting and Audit of Charts.
  • No more flipping through paperwork. Electronic auditing is seamless and effective.
  • Eligibility checks occur at intake and every day afterwards
  • Integrated with Direct Data Entry (DDE).  No third party vendors
  • Accurate reports; aging, PPS
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